Never Rush Into A Relationship

When it comes to relationships, I think that there are some factors that matter more than others. One of the girls I work with at our London escorts service recently met a man who she thought was really nice. She declared him love of her life, and before I knew it, she had left London escorts to be with him. Good for you the girls said, but a couple of months later, she was back eager to rejoin our London escorts agency.

What does that tell you? Yes, it is nice to fall in love, and even outcall London escorts are victims of passion, but rushing into a relationship with a man is not a good idea. I have met numerous London escorts who have fallen in love and left London escorts on the spur of the moment. One thing is for sure, I have learned from their mistakes, and you are not going to catch me leave everything behind on the drop of a hat. It is always important to look after number one – and that is you.

It does surprise me that many women are still prepared to give up everything for a man. It is not only London escorts who do so. Highly successful businesswomen also seem to give up everything when they think that they have found true love. Giving up everything on the spur of the moment may not only break your heart, but it can also damage your future plans. I would not give up London escorts just like that. The reason is easy to understand. I earn good money working for London escorts, and I have a good lifestyle.

Yes, you may assume that the man that you have met is the man of your dreams. That is a nice feeling, but I still think it is better to get to know him a bit better before you jump. Who is he and does he like doing the things that you do? As us girls at London escorts know, it is important to have things in common, but there is more to a relationship than a love for handcuffs. Before you “leave your life” make sure that he is the right man for you and that you have more than one thing in common.

Have I ever been tempted to leave London escorts? Yes, I have been tempted to leave London escorts for love on many occasions. However, common sense has always taken over and I have eventually stuck to my guns. Now when I meet a new man, I always take it slow. I get to know him, and make sure that he is the right man for me. So far, I have not met Mr Right. And if I meet Mr Right, I am not sure that I would give up everything for him. If he really is Mr Right, he will happily accept that London escorts are an important part of my life.

Making sure you know that the relationship is genuine is crucial to a happy one.

How Escorts Take Care of Their Skin

Flawless skin is a characteristic that is well-known of escorts. Escorts have to work hard in keeping their skin perfect for maintaining their attractiveness, which is the moneymaker in their line of work. Below are some of these beauty tricks:


Dry skin is a problem many people face, including escorts and almost anyone who has ever had dry skin knows how hard it is getting rid of one than preventing it. One of the best ways that escorts take care of their skin is through the use of lotions regularly to keep their skin soft.

Spending less time in the sun

While tans can be a great addition in the allure of an escort, spending too much time in the sun can lead to sunburns, age spots, wrinkles and in worst-case scenarios: skin cancer. Spray tans are a great option for escorts to avoid skin damage.


One way they stay hydrated for that glow is through eating plenty of fruits. Not to mention other benefits provided by fruits on the bodies overall health, which in turns impacts skin health.


Considering that our bodies are made of 80% water, escort s have to take lots of water and not just during and after services. Keeping the body hydrated ensures they maintain their glowing skin.

Working out

Exercises is an excellent way of getting the body rid of wrinkles and fine lines that are caused by stress. Yoga, swimming, bicycle riding are all exercises that help tone your body and have fabulous skin.


Getting enough sleep allows the body to rest and restore the body’s health, including the skin. Sleep also helps reduce stress and tension that can lead to blemish breakouts.

Vitamin C

It is a well-known fact that people who eat foods rich in vitamin C get fewer wrinkles. For an escort, fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and generally foods that have high antioxidants are on top of their lists when it comes to maintaining their skin.

Reduce sodium intake

Taking a lot of salt can lead to bloating and puffy eyes; something which escorts will do anything to avoid so that they can maintain their perfect appearance. This means eating as little salt as possible if necessary.


Flawless skin is hands down an attractive quality that escorts seem to have in abundance. Their perfect appearance is definitely something they work on in several ways to ensure their allure is never in doubt.

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