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Category Archives: Medical Negligence

Medical Errors Third Leading Cause of Death: Part II

By Bertram & Amell |

In part I of this piece, reference was made to an article in NPR News detailing the fact that a new study names medical errors as the third leading cause of death in the United States. Part I delved into the issue of cause-of-death reporting, and raising more awareness about a lack of an… Read More »

New Jersey Psychiatric Hospital Named as Defendant in Federal Lawsuit for Negligent and Intentional Mistreatment

By Bertram & Amell |

The family of a New Jersey woman under the care of the Ancora Psychiatric Hospital has filed a federal lawsuit against the hospital alleging that the woman suffered negligently- and intentionally-inflicted injuries at the hands of the hospital’s staff. Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that the woman was injured when she fell while under the… Read More »

Washington Calls For Veterans Brain Injury Inquiry

By Bertram & Amell |

On September 9, Minnesota Congressman Tim Walz called for a national investigation into a scandal at the Minneapolis VA facility, where veterans have been defrauded and received botched brain injury exams by unqualified doctors. Walz sits on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, and was previously assured that there was no scandal at the… Read More »

Tragic Military Medical Negligence for Retired Sailor and His Family

By Bertram & Amell |

Those that serve to protect this country deserve our utmost care when it comes to medical care. This also applies when they return home with various medical conditions that need the highest standard of attention. Unfortunately, that high level of care was denied to retired Navy Chief Engineman Shon Hollis, who suffered severe brain… Read More »

Are Urgent Care Centers Keeping Up With Regulatory Standards?

By Bertram & Amell |

An NBC report notes that urgent care centers are becoming increasingly popular due to their promise of delivering faster service to address your medical issues without first having to make an appointment with your doctor, particularly if your malady isn’t quite appropriate for the costly emergency room setting. The urgent care industry has recently… Read More »

Birth injuries

Compensation for Birth Injuries

By Bertram & Amell |

Medical professionals are held to high standards. When they make preventable mistakes, serious problems can occur that can result in death or lifelong disability. An example of this is birth injuries. If you think your child may have suffered a birth injury as a result of medical malpractice in Washington, D.C., you can seek… Read More »

Southern Maryland Hospital’s Failure to Follow Sterilization Procedures Leads to High Patient Infection Rates

By Bertram & Amell |

Southern Maryland Hospital, in Clinton, MD was found to be significantly out of compliance with the safety rules that apply to all hospitals and how they clean the medical equipment used on patients in operating rooms during surgery. The hospital was experiencing extremely high infection rates and there were concerns that surgeons were taking… Read More »

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