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Study Finds Breast Biopsies Sometimes Require a Second Opinion for Accuracy

By Bertram & Amell |

A study released earlier this year demonstrates why women whose breast biopsy results fall into a “gray zone” between normal and malignant should seek second opinions in order to avoid surgery and other treatments that aren’t needed, could be harmful, or deter them from receiving the treatment they actually need. As published, the study… Read More »

“Most Americans Will Get a Wrong or Late Diagnosis At Least Once In Their Lives”

By Bertram & Amell |

Many people do not realize just how many medical errors—with sometimes fatal consequences—result in serious misdiagnosis, particularly for certain conditions that have nonspecific symptoms and when diagnostic tests are not routinely done. As the Washington Post recently noted, most Americans who go to the doctor will get a diagnosis that is wrong or late… Read More »

Scientists Call For Miscarriage Guidelines to Be Updated To Avoid Misdiagnosis

By Bertram & Amell |

On October 1st, the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists announced that the current national guidelines on the diagnosis of miscarriage may still be associated with misdiagnoses and are in serious need of review. As a result of these outdated guidelines, too many women are being misdiagnosed as suffering from (or likely to suffer… Read More »

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